Saturday, June 6, 2009


Forgot I had a blog. But in my defense, I technically don't have time for a blog. Luckily for all of you, I have this short period of time inbetween the rest of the fun stuff I like to

By the way, I know this blog isn't *supposed to be about me, but I went for a jog this morning before 7 am while Zac was still sleeping (my mom was home, no freaking out necessary). How awesome am I?

So, the other day I was getting out the cereal for Zac when he asked for fruit loops. I'm the dreaded mom that does not get the sweet cereals for breakfast (except for every once in awhile but I see some of that stuff as more of a treat/snack for later in the day as opposed to 'part of a balanced breakfast') and told him, quite His response was your shocking, "But everyone else has some!" And when I told him, "Zac, everyone in the world does NOT have some.." He told me with disgust in his voice, "Not the WORLD, mom, just in CANADA."

An update in crossing guard news..we finally got Robert's present to him. The card was ADORABLE. Zac drew a picture of himself and Robert standing in the rain on one side, and the two of them in the sushine on the other side. Aww. As we left Robert with his stuff, Zac was so thrilled, and he said, "Maybe, mom, on a PA Day, we can go to Robert's house.." Haha. When I told him we wouldn't be able to go to his house, he said, "I know, but maybe if he invites us..." Oh, the cuteness...and then the horror when Robert opens his door and sees us standing there...

I was cuddling with Zac a few days ago and I whispered "You're my favorite." After a bried pause, he whispered back, "Nanny's my favorite." Then we both started laughing. Then he started calling me a "bad kitty!!" over and over, and when I told him he was crazy, he whispered, "Thank you." Haha :) Love it!

Alright, the kid is up. And our day begins...(I'm tired...)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Today's News...

Alright, so a few things Zac said today had me amused. The first was on the way to his basketball program. He asked me if I knew what Leprechaun's were, so when I asked him to tell me, he explained, "Leprechauns are little lizards that sting you if you touch them...and if you touch their eyeballs, they shoot poison out at you." Where do kids get this stuff?

Later, Zac asked me how many ways he could make $100, "you know, if someone wanted to buy a car..." Then he asked me how he would know what bank to go to when he's an adult to get money. When I explained he had to make money to put in the bank first, he remembered the money I've put away for him for school and started asking me what bank that money was in, how to spell the bank's name, when he could go to get the money, where the bank was..bahaha, he's plotting to use his RESP to buy himself a car, ASAP! Forget this making money stuff..which reminds me of the time I asked Zac if he still wanted to be a mechanic, and he said, "Uh, no mom. I just want to drive around in a car all day." So proud...

Also, a few hours ago, I was doing dishes and Zac was watching the hockey game, then called out, "Mom, what does 'T' 'I' 'T' spell?" I almost dropped the plate I was holding and wondered what on earth was happening in this hockey game, but after rushing to the living room I discovered he'd said 'P' 'I' 'T' for Pittsburgh. Mini heart-attack avoided...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Old Crossing Guards...

This morning I was talking to Zac about our crossing guard. Since Christmas, Zac has been mentioning that we need to get him a present (since I hype up how much he does for the kids in the freezing cold and rain, etc). I figure I should foster this giving nature of his (as long as it's not his money he's spending), so we finally got something for for him last night. Somehow Zac decided that he wanted to get Robert cologne and chocolate (I just hope he thinks the cologne isn't a hint; what a random gift for a crossing guard!). On the drive to school we were discussing that we should wrap it up for him and give it to him Monday. But then Zac says, "But don't you remember, Mom...he's...*voice drops to a conspiring whisper* OLD?" Hahaha. After explaining that he was still quite capable of opening a present, Zac decided we could wrap it after all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


He's just going to have to deal with it.

So, many of you don't have facebook, so I'm going to publish from a couple of notes I made before the blog creation, because one in particular is adorable. Enjoy!
Mini story:I was just trying to negotiate book reading with Zac. He has two books to read for his teacher by tomorrow, and he has some of his own here. We usually read at night which he loves but I thought it would be great to do it now as well. I was trying to coax him to read, and after going back and forth Zac finally ended it with, "I'll tell you what. I'll give you some of my money, and then I'll read to you later." Bahaha

MUST share this. Last night, I tucked Zac into bed and was about to leave him when he asked if I would cuddle with him. I was about to say no and work on an essay, but remembered that soon enough, this adorable child will no longer want any more hugs, kisses or cuddles (NOT OKAY), and I better take advantage of it. So into his bed I crawled.We chatted about a few things and then did the usual "I love you more than a hundred CN towers on top of a thousand boats" (hey it works). I was feeling slightly emotional and teased as he cuddled in close, "Promise you'll still love me when you're an adult and get married one day?" Zac told me, "But I'm marrying you, Mommy" and I laughed and told him that boys aren't allowed to marry their mommys. He got really quiet, and I added that he would marry someone he fell in love with. I heard a few muffled sounds coming from him, but didn't catch on. He asked in a sweet, quiet voice that trembled just a little, "...not even Nanny's?" After I told him not even Nanny's, I realised that those sounds (slightly louder now) were muffled SOBS. POOR BABY! He turned around and put his face in my stomach and when I asked him to tell me why he was sad, he cried, "Because I want to live with you; I don't want to leave."If heart's could cry, mine did. Then I told him he could live with me forever if that's what he wanted, and he felt better....I figure I can always reneg when he's older and less adorable ;)
On another note, I had just finished telling Zac to climb in bed for a story last night when I discovered he was wearing high heels and demanding that I, "Just admit it! Admit it, mom!" I have no idea what he was talking about.

In between Essays..

So, it's been awhile, mainly because my computer at home is having issues, so I'm using it minimally.

Cute moment: Easter dinner at Grandad's. Zac's new shirt says "I Dig Dirt" He reads it to my cousin Racquel, and tells her, "That means I LIKE Dirt." When she says, "Yeah, I got it" in a bored voice, he exclaims in excitement, "You HAVE this shirt!?" Bahaha, love it.

Last weekend was reeeaaally busy. First of all, we stayed over at a friend's house, which Zac was excited about, BUT he also stayed up until 11 pm playing Wii (I know, = bad mother). He had been playing games at the community centre until 8 pm, so by the time that was done and we got there and set it up, that's what happened. The bad news is that Zac had his first day in a new basketball program, 9 am - 11 am. I think the best part of this program is that Zac and I know the instructor, so it makes it way more fun for Zac, and I feel better leaving my baby in a program that's actually for kids 6-8. But hey, it's just for fun, so as long as he's not scarred for life by inadequacy issues, I think we'll be just fine. *laugh* Which he might be, judging by his first day. But we will wait and see :)

After that we went home, ate lunch, and then it's time for Sportball. So Zac went with his Auntie Sarah, played some more sports, and then went with her down to the lake to play some Frisbee for another hour. I was thinking this kid might be slightly worn out with all this physical activity on such little sleep, so..I brought him to play basketball with Seth and Shane, just in case he wasn't. Haha, he was not very impressed and wanted to go to the park, and of course, being the little prince he is, he got what he wanted (thanks, Shane). On a side note, however, I loved playing basketball and want to play it all the time (which may or may not help my skills).

After THAT, we went home to get ready for Jamie's 30th surprise party at Dave and Buster's. I haven't been there before but obviously, Zac loved it (it's like an adult Chuckee Cheese) and then passed out on the drive home, after 10 pm. Poor kid!

This morning I came out of the shower to hear Zac singing, "And I'm never gonna make you cry cry or tell a lie lie"..which was cute..but then when he started with, "You're so yam beautifuuuul" I started wondering if it's time I put on some playskool music every once in awhile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Hmmm, I should have done this a long time ago. Just think of all the amusing "Zac Stuff" that's been missed. But then, he's been especially amusing these days, and who wants to read about a boring child, anyways?

My computer keeps popping up with an urgent message that says I should protect my computer, but first things first.

We've had a really great Easter weekend. Friday my mom and I took Zac to Pingle's Farm for an Egg hunt. The Easter bunny was there, but Zac saw him and yelled, "That's not the REAL Easter bunny! I wanted to see the REAL Easter Bunny!" Sigh. But then again, now I don't have to take pictures of him with really awful looking characters. One year, there was a really sad 23-year-old skinny Santa with a flat felt beard. I felt a little sick taking a picture of them together. But anyways.

So we decorated his Easter basket (it looked really cool, I must say..between my Easter bunny and his cut out pieces of scraps that he glued to artist in the making, I tell you) and then he got his face painted as a Tiger. Later we looked around and saw all the kids with bunnies and Easter eggs painted on their cheeks and I understood the girl's look of horror.

We took a wagon ride to the field, and he sat intently watching the ground in case he found any eggs, singing, "We're going on a hunt, we're going on a hunt" to the theme "The Farmer in the Dell". When the wagon ride was over, we there discovered many plastic eggs thrown on the field in plain sight. He was less than impressed with this "hunt" and after inspecting and shaking the plastic eggs only to find them empty (you exchange them later for chocolate eggs) he merely wandered around dejected, absently picking up an egg here and there while I grabbed them in excitement. "How about this green one?!" It didn't work.

But, he then got to go in the corn maze, half-heartedly attempt the Scavenger hunt, which was really hard (hey if you have to try too hard, why bother) and drive mini tractors, which may have been the highlight for him. Though he was really excited to see the real bunnies hopping around. He got to plant a seed which we've taken home, and we bought some fudge and a Bumbleberry pie. Yum.

I just got distracted by Zac. How can you not love it when he says, "Excuse me, mom?" And then when you give him your full attention, he says, "Well...umm, uh, know.." for about 5 minutes while you sit there patiently like you really enjoy hearing his confused thought process aloud.

Anyways, I'm actually not going to write out our entire weekend because that will take longer than I thought. And if I don't even want to write it out and it's my son, how likely is it that you want to read it? Though Saturday was especially fun; details another time.

Happy Easter!