Saturday, June 6, 2009


Forgot I had a blog. But in my defense, I technically don't have time for a blog. Luckily for all of you, I have this short period of time inbetween the rest of the fun stuff I like to

By the way, I know this blog isn't *supposed to be about me, but I went for a jog this morning before 7 am while Zac was still sleeping (my mom was home, no freaking out necessary). How awesome am I?

So, the other day I was getting out the cereal for Zac when he asked for fruit loops. I'm the dreaded mom that does not get the sweet cereals for breakfast (except for every once in awhile but I see some of that stuff as more of a treat/snack for later in the day as opposed to 'part of a balanced breakfast') and told him, quite His response was your shocking, "But everyone else has some!" And when I told him, "Zac, everyone in the world does NOT have some.." He told me with disgust in his voice, "Not the WORLD, mom, just in CANADA."

An update in crossing guard news..we finally got Robert's present to him. The card was ADORABLE. Zac drew a picture of himself and Robert standing in the rain on one side, and the two of them in the sushine on the other side. Aww. As we left Robert with his stuff, Zac was so thrilled, and he said, "Maybe, mom, on a PA Day, we can go to Robert's house.." Haha. When I told him we wouldn't be able to go to his house, he said, "I know, but maybe if he invites us..." Oh, the cuteness...and then the horror when Robert opens his door and sees us standing there...

I was cuddling with Zac a few days ago and I whispered "You're my favorite." After a bried pause, he whispered back, "Nanny's my favorite." Then we both started laughing. Then he started calling me a "bad kitty!!" over and over, and when I told him he was crazy, he whispered, "Thank you." Haha :) Love it!

Alright, the kid is up. And our day begins...(I'm tired...)

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